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masteradded GPL licence informationdaniel-Jones11 months
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2018-03-10added GPL licence informationHEADmasterdaniel-Jones22-107/+447
2018-03-10added GPL licence informationdaniel-Jones1-0/+674
2017-12-08added color up and down commands for incrementing/decrementing the colors ind...daniel-Jones1-13/+42
2017-12-08added comment to msgbox functiondaniel-Jones1-0/+3
2017-08-04cleaned up some arduino code changed some pointless if/else lines, planning t...daniel-Jones1-95/+31
2017-08-03added 'dark' and 'resume'. dark turns the leds off and keeps their settings i...daniel-Jones1-78/+40
2017-07-06Added console based server that allows clients to connect and send commands t...daniel-Jones49-1548/+1452
2017-06-22So, uh, I fixed the IRC reconnect feature, it was completely broken.daniel-Jones2-13/+18
2017-06-16added irc reconnect when it has detected a closed connectiondaniel-Jones2-2/+22
2017-06-04added HTML/JS/PHP pages/scripts to allow RGB changes over a web page. Integra...daniel-Jones31-437/+4951