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masteradded pulse, project on holdDaniel Jones3 years
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2020-07-24added pulse, project on holdHEADmasterDaniel Jones5-2/+68
2020-07-08Made gate updating work on separate thread, added 3 way NAND gateDaniel Jones8-56/+266
2020-07-07make update_state pure virtual, use Object instead of gateDaniel Jones2-5/+7
2020-07-03added 4-bit ripple carry adder circuit exampleDaniel Jones1-0/+121
2020-07-03examples: convert all examples to support new loading systemDaniel Jones3-88/+127
2020-07-03Functionality: saving/loading with binary displays addedDaniel Jones5-56/+155
2020-07-03objects other than gates are now properly updatedDaniel Jones1-14/+4
2020-07-02Functionality link deleting for binary display worksDaniel Jones2-12/+39
2020-07-02Functionality: binary display inputs can be selected and deleted nowDaniel Jones3-25/+41
2020-07-01move remove_input_object() into object superclassDaniel Jones6-54/+73